Sky Astrology Conferences™ re-ignite the originating genius of our astrological tradition, through an immersive experience into the living Sky. Conceived and envisioned for our contemporary times, Sky Astrology Conferences™ deliver a robust, “living” education in the observable sky which remains both the bedrock and common ancestry of every form of astrology practiced today.

The Sky Astrology Conference experience provides something truly unique to anyone interested in astrology. Almost nowhere else will you find an integrated, non-partisan approach to our astronomical reality within an astrological context. Lectures and sky-watching sessions ground you in the celestial basis of the Cosmos to which we belong. Factors such as Earth proximity, speed, latitude, sky appearance, heliacal phases and brightness are just some examples of the enormous divide to be bridged between our charts and the real sky.

Sky Astrology Conferences offer a rare astrological education based in immersive workshops as well as invigorating skywatching sessions culled from a diverse range of techniques and traditions.


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Venus Mars Moon by Gary CatonEach Sky Astrology Conference…

* offers visually-oriented and engaging lectures, morning and evening skywatch sessions, and plenty of personal activity time.

* is timed to specific celestial events involving planets, stars and other astronomical factors which can be seen through naked-eye observation.

* is held in naturally beautiful locations well-suited for viewing the celestial events which highlight that conference’s themes.

* satisfies the mind, the heart and the body with leading-edge material, a warm and inviting community, and rejuvenating activities unique to each locale.

* re-enamors us with the beauty and power of directly experiencing our neighbor planets, stars, constellations and their dynamic relationships with one another.

* fills the unnecessary void created by a computerized, data- and chart-driven astrology, a void many never realize the depth of until they begin to uncover the living sky.

Bring back vitality and excitement into your astrology practice and take part in the new Sky Renaissance. We sincerely look forward to co-creating the next Sky Astrology Conference with you!

Your Sky Astrology Team

Adam Gainsburg, Gary P. Caton and Julene Packer are your facilitators for the Sky Astrology Conferences. They are each passionate educators, popular lecturers and workshop leaders, and experts in the celestial reality often ignored in modern astrology. Andrea Kennedy has been with Sky Astrology Conference since the beginning as administrator and coordinator. In 2018, Andrea will join Adam, Gary and Julene as a presenter!

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Moffat, Colorado

Unbridled and untamed, Moffat is a little bit off the beaten path. And that’s exactly why curious explorers and nature-loving stargazers vacation there. Our location for the 2018 conference is nestled in the San Luis Valley, with the Sangre de Christo mountains to the east and the Great Sand Dunes monument to the south.

Workshops will be held in a bright and airy conference room with full capabilities like computer projection and comfortable seating, while lodging for participants ranges from hotel rooms to yurts, tipis and RV camping.