• Courtesy of William Levacy from his book,

    The Naskhatras of the Sidereal Zodiac

    By on February 2, 2015

    (Above graphic is from William Levacy’s “Vedic Astrology, Simply Put”. Used with grateful permission from the author.) The Nakshatras are the twenty-seven 13°20’ segments of the sidereal zodiac signs that represent the lunar mansions. They have been used in India since ancient times and are mentioned in the Vedas,...

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  • The Synodic and Astrophysical Transit of Venus 2012

    By on July 8, 2014

    In the spirit of research and discovery, this article offers a listing of some of the key events leading to and following the Transit event. Rather than beginning with the Transit as the focus and building a case for how I render it astrologically, I’ve selected events that might...

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