2015 Mars Workshop 2

2015 Mars Workshop 2


* Mars Workshop 2 from the 2015 conference.
* The complete set of powerpoint slides as pdfs included with both video or audio formats!
* Choose between Mac video ($25), Win video ($25), or Mp3 audio ($15)
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“Mars: Body, Story, Destiny” – Adam Gainsburg

Adam Gainsburg integrates a wide diversity of information into his leading-edge presentation on the mythology, physical attributes, astronomy, phases, and dharmic implications of astrological Mars. Passion for both direct observation of the Living Sky and heart-centered consulting deeply inform these latest findings about the various relationships between Mars and the Sun. This material pioneers a new frame of reference, revealing broader layers of interpretive context within which the individual horoscope or birth chart resides.

In Session 2, Adam integrates the information from Session 1 as the celestial foundation for Mars’ phases with the Sun. He paints a clear picture of why Mars’ Sky cycles are very different than the beautiful regularity we encountered with Venus. Adam then lays out Mars’ 13 phases step by step, expertly describes what Mars is doing during each one, and relates this into psycho/spiritual experience. 1 hour, 40 minutes 

Each recording also includes the audio from attendees’ insightful questions, group discussions and powerful insights that ensued in each session.


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