2015 Complete Venus-Mars Workshop (1-3)

2015 Complete Venus-Mars Workshop (1-3)


* All 3 Venus-Mars workshops from the 2015 conference.
* The complete set of powerpoint slides as pdfs included with both video or audio formats!
* Choose between Mac video ($65), Win video ($65), or Mp3 audio ($40)
* Over 5 hours of leading-edge, dynamic material!
* Instant downloads


“The Venus-Mars Cycle: Beyond the 7 Year Itch” – Gary Caton

Gary P. Caton unveils his fascinating discoveries and insights into the Venus-Mars synodic cycle! Passion for both direct observation of the Living Sky and heart-centered consulting deeply inform these latest findings about the various relationships between the two planets. This material pioneers a new frame of reference, revealing broader layers of interpretive context within which the individual horoscope or birth chart resides.

In Session 1, we begin by reviewing the philosophical foundations of western astrology and how the archetypal natures of Venus and Mars fit into this framework. Next we put on our modern astrological glasses and explore the 300 year cycle or Epoch that Venus and Mars trace across the historical record, and learn about how to interpret charts within the context of the historical Epoch to which they belong. 1 hour, 46 minutes

In Session 2, we dial in our lens to narrow in on the year of birth and what part of an individual Venus-Mars cycle it belongs to. Next we dial down even further to the 24 hours surrounding birth and determine which planet is leading the way in this diurnal rotation. 1 hour, 43 minutes

In Session 3, Gary shows us possibilities for how to delineate these three layers of context that each chart resides within: Epoch, year and day. 1 hour

Each recording also includes the audio from attendees’ insightful questions, group discussions and powerful insights that ensued in each session.


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