2015 Complete Conference Package (1-9)

2015 Complete Conference Package (1-9)


* All 9 workshops from the 2015 conference.
* The complete set of powerpoint slides as pdfs included with both video or audio formats!
* Choose between Mac video ($175), Win video ($175), or Mp3 audio ($125)
* Over 12 hours of leading-edge, dynamic material!
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Julene Packer-Louis, Adam Gainsburg and Gary P. Caton unveil their fascinating discoveries and insights into the cycles of Venus-Sun, Mars-Sun and Venus-Mars. Passion for both direct observation of the Living Sky and heart-centered consulting deeply inform these latest findings about the various relationships between Venus and the Sun. This material pioneers a new frame of reference, revealing broader layers of interpretive context within which the individual horoscope or birth chart resides.

2015 Sky Astrology Conference - Venus Workshop

Day 1 “Venus: In the Sky, In the Chart, In Our Heart” – Julene Packer-Louis

We begin our day by learning about the 2 different incarnations of Venus as morning/evening star, also known as Phosphorus and Hesperus. Next Julene takes us on an expert tour of the astronomy of Venus. Then we cover the various phases of Venus, by tracking Her changes in visibility, brightness, elongation from the Sun and other factors over the course of 584 days. These phases were powerful and healing experiences for the attendees. Finally, we explore the sacred geometry and longer cycles of Venus for hints at Her meaning for the collective. 3 recordings, total 5 hours

SAC - sat 1-3 titleclipDay 2 “Mars: Body, Story, Destiny” – Adam Gainsburg

We begin by discovering the roots of Mars as the “sacred agitation” in the mind of Shiva, and explore how and why this sacred agitator does what he does. Next we look at the astronomy and geo-physical attributes of the planet Mars, and discover that his Sky cycles are very different from the beautiful regularity we encountered with Venus. Adam then lays out 13 phases and expertly describes what Mars is doing during each one, and relates this into psycho/spiritual experience. Finally we explore what happens when Mars’ cycles and phases recur, and the powerful possibilities these represent. 3 recordings, total 5-1/2 hours

SAC - sun 1-3 titleclipDay 3 “The Venus-Mars Cycle: Beyond the 7 Year Itch” – Gary Caton

We begin by reviewing the philosophical foundations of western astrology and how the archetypal natures of Venus and Mars fit into this framework. Next we put on our modern astrological glasses and explore the 300 year cycle or Epoch that Venus and Mars trace across the historical record, and learn about how to interpret charts within the context of the historical Epoch to which they belong. Then we dial in our lens to narrow in on the year of birth and what part of an individual Venus-Mars cycle it belongs to. Next we dial down even further to the 24 hours surrounding birth and determine which planet is leading the way in this diurnal rotation. Finally Gary shows us possibilities for how to delineate these three layers of context that each chart resides within: Epoch, year and day. 3 recordings, total 4-1/2 hours

Each recording also includes the audio from attendees’ insightful questions, group discussions and powerful insights that ensued in each session.

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