All Things Mercury: Sky Factors, Trigons and Nakshatras

All Things Mercury: Sky Factors, Trigons and Nakshatras


Thrice Great Mercury!

In honor of Mercury’s interior conjunction on 8/26, as well as the imminent release of Gary’s first book, The Mercury Elemental Year, we are devoting an entire webinar to the fleet-footed Hermes!

* * *

Adam opened the webinar with a visual depiction of Mercury’s movements throughout this retrograde period, speaking to the sky factors of speed and Earth proximity, specifically.

Gary introduced the elemental triplicity of Mercury’s retrogrades each year and their influence on houses with the same element, known as trigons.

Julene covered the Shakti (Divine Feminine) Power of Magha and Purva Phalguni nakshatras (lunar mansions), associated with the seed moment of Mercury’s interior conjunction.


This webinar is the first of several leading up to the second Sky Astrology Conference (SAC2) taking place next year August 9 – 12, 2018 at Joyful Journey Hot Springs in Moffat, CO!

Check out the conference here and be sure to get on our mailing list!


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** FIRST TIER EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION FOR SAC2 ends September 18! Get all the information you need about the conference here



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