HD Video Download: “Venus/Mars 3.0 – Finding A New Normal”

HD Video Download: “Venus/Mars 3.0 – Finding A New Normal”


UPDATE: the live event is now sold out, but don’t miss any of the sky-breaking insights from Julene, Gary and Adam! Order the video as an easy download and participate in the event whenever you wish!

“Venus/Mars 3.0 – Finding A New Normal”
On November 2, 2015 we’ll witness the third conjunction of Venus and Mars this year. In 2016 they return to their “normal” routine of moving from conjunction to opposition. So how can we take the awareness and paradigm shifts made possible by the three conjunctions of 2015, and solidify them into a stable, juicy new identity for ourselves going forward? How can the tantric planets lining up so close with one another catalyze more fulfillment, ease and richness?

Join us on November 5 and find out where in the Sky this third conjunction will be visible and discover how to harmonize with and self-actualize via the two closest planets to Earth. We will explore all 3 cycles involved: Sun/Venus, Sun/Mars and Venus/Mars.

** This webinar is PACKED with information, graphics and amazing insights into the relationship of the Living Sky with western astrology’s round chart wheel. You will likely need to watch multiple times to absorb all the material!

** SPECIAL GIFT   Your purchase of the webinar grants you an exclusive coupon code for 20% off ANY full-day or full-conference package of videos from the Sky Astrology Conference Store held in February 2015 on Eleuthera Island, Bahamas. The 3-1/2 days of immersive teaching, both in classroom and under-sky, literally transformed the understandings and contexts for everyone who participated, including some 40+ year veterans. 


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