UnderWorld Mercury & Collective Mars – HD Video

UnderWorld Mercury & Collective Mars – HD Video


Mercury Inferior Conjunction and Mars Destiny Challenge Phase!

Mercury was at inferior conjunction on September 12th, which is the second of three alignments to happen in the degrees of Denebola — the star that marks the tail of the Lion constellation. This sky locale was also the place of Mercury’s earlier evening elongation (provide degree and date) as well as Mercury’ next morning elongation (provide position and date)— all in the same degrees! As the second of three events which occurs in between the other two in space, this event of inferior conjunction is the heart of an unfolding process where Mercury is inviting us to welcome and activate some kind of non-conformity (Denebola) into our lives.

A bit earlier on September 3rd, Mars began his 22-day Destiny Challenge Phase which signals clearly that the Red Planet has entered the most collectively-minded period of his entire two-year cycle. This is where we are tasked with remembering that our individual efforts ultimately serve a collective gain.  Evening Star Mars reminds us that no one is an island unto him/herself and that we are each co-forging our lives with one another.

Whatever our personal frustrations around Mars’ recent retrograde period and his conjunction with Saturn and the Heart of the Scorpion (Antares), we must funnel our drive now into bringing our new visions for an improved society to tangible fruition. If we stay true to what is really ours to do in the here and now without losing sight of the big picture, any ensuing chaos or challenges will only vitalize our results, provide us the stamina we need to complete, and refine our understandings.

Julene started off the webinar with an overview on the unique retrograde motions of the inner planets, Mercury and Venus (different from the outers). Adam dove into the deeper meaning of Mars’ Destiny Challenge Phase and how it might play out for us; and Gary detailed the significations of this specific inferior conjunction, the unique retrograde loop Mercury will make and its implications with respect to Mercury’s three visits with Denebola!


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