SAC2 Itinerary

This page is meant to provide an overview of the flow of the days at the conference and a general idea of the teachings. This is subject to change until we get closer to the conference.



August 8

Guests arrive

6:00p – 8:00p Dinner


August 9 – 12

7:00a – 9:15a Breakfast

9:30a -10:45a Morning Session 1

10:45a – 11:30a Break

11:30a – 1:00p Morning Session 2

1:00p – 2:30p Lunch

2:30p – 3:45p Afternoon session 1

3:45p – 5:30p Afternoon session 2, optional (chart interps based on material presented that day), OR

3:45p – 6:00p Free time

6:00p – 8:00p Dinner

8:00p – 9:00p Sky Factors instruction

9:00 – ? Sky Watching


August 13

7:00a – 12:00p Breakfast/Brunch

Guests depart


Teaching topics by presenter (see speaker bios here)

GARY P. CATON ~ Multivalent Mercury ~

Based on the innovative research for his first book due out late 2017, Gary will demonstrate the profound power of Mercury retrogrades in Sky Astrology. He will use the Sky view of Mercury’s backward trickster medicine dance to re-frame its meaning, drawing from the actual astronomy to understand the metaphysics of mixing different modes of consciousness, which Mercury retrograde represents.

Gary will discuss the single elemental triplicity of Mercury’s retrogrades each year and illustrate how these influence a particular trigon of houses in each natal chart, especially the two houses containing the pre- and post-natal retrogrades. It is these areas of life which reveal our potential roles as agents of change for the collective expressions of Mercury. Gary will then offer up a new astrological understanding of the fabled “seven year itch” as a lifetime developmental cycle based on retrograde Mercury’s elemental returns. Tying it all together, we will learn to track, understand, and apply the sequential, cyclic patterns of Mercury’s retrogrades through 4 cycles of: three repeated degrees over forty days, three signs of one elemental triplicity each year, the four elements every six to seven years, and twelve elemental returns over seventy nine years.


ADAM GAINSBURG  ~ Mars’ Transcendence Phase: Midnight-Star Mars ~

One of the main highlights of the conference will be Mars at his closest to Earth since 2003 — a visibly bright and beautiful Mars.

Adam’s morning workshop will be filled with new ways to understand and delineate the Red Planet. He will cover the Red Planet’s morning-star and evening-star periods, and introduce Mars’ essential third period he’s identified as Midnight-Star Mars. It is under Midnight-Star Mars that the conference will take place. He will also present on the psychological and dharmic relationship between the three periods in the context of Mars’ opposition to the Sun, the illuminating symmetry in every Sun-Mars cycle, and the inspiring relationship between the inner planets’ two conjunctions with the Sun and the outer planets’ conjunction+opposition with the Sun.

In the afternoon workshops, Adam will cover each of Mars’ 13 Phases in light of the morning workshops’ insights and use participant charts to demonstrate how to delineate the Phases accurately and pertinently within the birth chart. He’ll also present on the most significant return periods and events of Mars, or what he calls Major Returns of Mars.


JULENE LOUIS ~ Nakshatras: Connecting to the Shakti Power of the Stars ~

The Nakshatras, or the Indian Lunar Mansions, have the status of heavenly lights in the Vedas. They represent Daksha Prajapati’s 27 daughters whom he married to the Moon to aid with cosmic evolution. Each Nakshatra is rich with multiple layers of symbolism, and each has a specific divine feminine power or Shakti. By connecting to and communing with the Nakshatras we can connect our human mind to the cosmic mind. In fact, one of the translations of Nakshatra is “to approach, or attain here.” To approach the Nakshatras is to approach the mansions of the gods and catch a glimpse of the universal forms of Shakti power that are available to us for our evolutionary growth, life purpose and the neutralization of karmas.

The morning sessions of this workshop will introduce all Nakshatras and focus on those the planets currently occupy. The afternoon session will be more personal as we explore the Nakshatra of everyone’s Moon as a primary Shakti Power available to you. In the evening sky watching sessions, we will learn to identify some of the Nakshatras in the night sky using their key stars.


ANDREA M. KENNEDY ~ An Astrology of Human First: The Lost Allies of Your Inner Wiring ~

What does an astrology of Human First mean?

​Isn’t all astrology centered on the Earth view of the heavens? ​What has astrology been until now?

Andrea will explain the equatorial coordinate system and its method of measurement (declination and right ascension). An astrology which considers planets from an Earth-based perspective awakens and restores our connection to the larger Universe by way of intimacy with ourselves.

Declination comes from the Old French decliner and means “to turn aside, deviate, ​not to consent, ​[and] ​politely refuse.” Andrea suggests that an Earth-informed model ​​brings us back to ourselves​ as Earth-dwelling human beings​, empowering us to “politely refuse” a consensus reality that doesn’t support personal sovereignty. An astrology of Human First ​then emboldens us to ​reclaim ​our innate ​vitality ​which we ​previously directed outwardly. Planets in aspect by declination are often working together in ways not evident by longitude alone. There’s an implied collaboration, an intimacy which, when utilized in delineation, directs us to hidden allies and built-in support systems.

In the morning sessions Andrea will cover modern western astrology’s predominant use of zodiacal longitude only, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses.​ She will explain what Human First now potentiates for our future, and what the prior “leave me to find me” approaches ​can contribute to it. In the afternoon, ​she’ll demonstrate these ideas using chart examples of well-known individuals who sourced their latent allies and then dive into participants’ charts to uncover our most intimate gifts.


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